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Dating a remington 740

<b>Remington</b> Model <b>740</b>, Model 742 and Model <b>7400</b>

Remington Model 740, Model 742 and Model 7400 Have been thinking about getting a 7400 for the last few years. I can shoot 5 rnds very fast, but it has to be clean factory ammo. The new Model 740's introduction, orinally scheduled for the same January 1952 date as the new Model 760 pump-action rifle, was delayed three years until.

<i>Remington</i> Model <i>740</i> Woodsmaster - Chuck

Remington Model 740 Woodsmaster - Chuck It shoots very tht s with factory ammo, but it won't run surplus ammo very well. One of my more powerful centerfire rifles is a Remington Model 740 Woodsmaster, chambered for the.30-06 Springfield cartridge. Although not.

How can you tell if a <em>remington</em> shotgun has a damascus barrel.

How can you tell if a remington shotgun has a damascus barrel. I have one in 308 with a 18" barrel, scout scope, and ghost ring rear sht. I confused serial numbers with production amounts. Remington Model 1889 went from serial number c. 24000 to c. 265000. The confusion is.

How do you look up a <i>Remington</i> serial number?

How do you look up a Remington serial number? Got hooked on bolts though and never got around to the 7400. A serial number is printed on the receiver of each Remington rifle or shotgun, provided it's a newer model. Serial numbers were not a requirement until 1968.

<i>Remington</i> 700 Serial Number Lookup -

Remington 700 Serial Number Lookup - Thinking about getting at least the .270 maybe both. These rounds are most accurate from cold barrels so I was curious myself about the semiauto desn in these sizes. Please leave a comment and tell us if Remington 700 serial number. you find out the date when your Remington 700 rifle was manufactured.

<strong>Remington</strong> Manufacture Dates -

Remington Manufacture Dates - Local man has both a .270 and 30.06 7400 and wants to sell both at 5 each. But as to rapid fire I find myself doing the opposite with 2 rounds. Main Page. REMINGTON DATES OF MANUFACTURE. In some cases, only partial date codes were marked which will result in an invalid response. The code.

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